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My observations on slanted Journalism

I watched RTE Indoctrination at it’s best (not a compliment) yesterday evening. I saw a Muslim Woman, supposedly Irish, in Burqa (or is it Hijab), speaking for her Brother, who has just been acquitted of a crime in Egypt. First thing I noticed was that the Family were apparently “in the know” BEFORE they got the good news. She let that slip by saying that as soon as they heard his name called out, they fell all over each other and celebrated. Obviously, the only thing they didn’t know was the order in which the names would be announced.
Secondly, she mentioned that the Brother went to Egypt as a Child and is now (4 years later) a man. So what was a “CHILD” doing at a risky demonstration in Egypt? Why did the Family not leave the CHILD at home ? Dobo (Bran Dobson) didn’t question that irresponsible behaviour either. I think I know why. It’s because the reality is that a Muslim Male is considered an ADULT at 17 years of age. IF he were a Child he would, even in Egypt, have been treated differently and without knowing the judicial system there, I assume a different Court is responsible for CHILDREN. Here we have the “CHILD” addressing the Muslim Brotherhood … CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH:- https://youtu.be/gdyfl-JV5gg
Thirdly, Dobo focussed on the acquittal of the Man all through his interview. The Sister had to repeat over and over again how delighted they were that he was now free. Mr.Dobson failed to even ask ONCE how the 3 SISTERS feel at having been acquitted of the same “Crime” in absentia (poor girls) CLICK ON LINK FOR INFO:- https://youtu.be/USsGmxunFD4  Oh YES – Her we can listen to all the Siblings addressing the Muslim Brotherhood CLICK ON LINK TO WATCH AND LISTEN https://youtu.be/-cn09s-Fq5s
Fourthly and finally, it was pointed out at the beginning of the news item which, in my opinion, took up way too much time, that the Father of all those Siblings is an Iman in an Irish Mosque. Taking into account that the MALE, as a general rule, is the Patriarch of a Muslim family and Women have, as a general rule, very little to say, (Women are not even allowed to worship in the same room as men) I found it mystifying why the Father wasn’t interviewed or even why the News Anchorman never even asked how he might be “feeling”
ALSO CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND IT’S SUPPORT SYSTEM:- http://www.crethiplethi.com/the-structure-and-funding-sources-of-the-muslim-brotherhood/global-islam/2011/
I simply can’t help feeling screwed since watching that Theatre Piece…
Here’s a Link to the, i.m.o,  over-reported story – given that we have what could be considered a National housng emergency. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/halawa-acquittal-preceded-by-sustained-irish-diplomatic-campaign-1.3225690

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This is the best thing he has said so far


That’s the best thing he has ever said. The reason being; that Catholicism has simply become a Tradition like voting for a certain Party seems to have ingrained itself in the DNA. The reason for that in turn, is the tradition of Cuius regio, eius religio which is a Latin phrase which literally means “Whose realm, his religion”, meaning that the religion of the ruler was to dictate the religion of those ruled – which took root after the reformation  in what became known as “The Peace of Augsburg” – a in 1555, temporary settlement within the Holy Roman Empire of the religious conflict arising from the Reformation. Each prince was to determine whether Lutheranism or Roman Catholicism was to prevail in his lands (cuius regio, eius religio).It was not only desired to adopt a certain Religion IT WAS MANDATORY and so the practice of baptising babies commenced. In the young “Church” Buildings were unnecessary as the small Communities met in the home and shared almost everything except their Spouses. In these Communities, LENT was the time of year when people who “sinned” in other words violated the Christian Principles – of which “Love your enemy” was the ultimate sign of belonging to Christ, were excluded from the Community in order to reflect on where their allegiance lay. In early Christianity the word sin didn’t exist – the word “evil” was used. Anyway, after the 40 day period of exclusion they would be welcomed back again on Easter Sunday IF THEY HAD REPENTED.  Everyone then wore white for the next 40 days till Penticost. So that’s what the Pope is talking about – If you are supporting, say Abortion, you should simply leave the Church. If you are a Liar and Cheat, you should not be going to Holy Communion without repenting and restitution, If you believe you are the greatest, you are not a Christian (a follower of Christ – who lowered himself in all things) Christianity was never about numbers – it’s about the fire and LOVE that shines in a world full of wickedness. You can compare it’s function to a crowd entering a dark hall – you only need ONE person to switch on the light.

At the end of the day, I always say “Why on earth would you be traipsing off to Church if you reject the teachings of Christ given to us by the Church and through Scripture. Why bother baptising the kids when all you want is to go with the crowd. There are ample other Clubs and Committees to be in and on. Don’t mention Schools- if people were sincere in their true beliefs, we would have plenty of other schools for them to go to. The Faith should either be passed on in the Home, by good Didaskalia – or not at all. In early Christianity, only adults who went through many years of initiation were baptised. All the other Sacraments were and are included in that one profound YES

(This seems to be a good book ~ ~ ~ https://books.google.ie/books?id=S5CcHrMhAvYC&pg=PA40&lpg=PA40&dq=didaskalia+faith&source=bl&ots=-_EIxuWtMC&sig=5DkKGwjnYKNyIwWLDxCglPcO8pw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjF6b_i2b_SAhUqBsAKHelNA0QQ6AEIRDAJ#v=onepage&q=didaskalia%20faith&f=false

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Looking at IT from a different perspective


I am writing this in response to the latest Headlines http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/03/mass-grave-800-children-found-underground-former-home-unmarried/ about Mother and Baby Homes – AND looking at the content from the perspective of what should now be second nature to anyone consuming Mainstream Media (MSM)  We need to be aware of the fact that “News” is often released and disseminated at a time to suit certain Lobby Groups. This weekend sees the final “public hearings” in the “Citizen’s Assembly” regarding abortion so isn’t this just one welcome distraction?

What one really needs to comprehend is that in the 1950’s and 60’s – especially the 1950’s medical care in rural Ireland was only just developing. You were lucky if a GP turned up at your nearest Village “Dispensary” on the scheduled day – as he rotated all around a huge area on a daily basis whilst also making house calls ON A BICYCLE over potholed (untarred) roads. I myself had a brush with death from Pneumonia/Pleurisy when I was 9 or 10 (approx 1959) Only for an astute “Man of the Cloth” visiting our school noticed I was running a high temperature and gasping for breath, I’d be done for. Antibiotics, of which only Penicillin was then known, were administered orally – NEVER intravenously and there was no “Neurofen +” to allow baby to sleep 7-8 hours. Dehydration was an unknown variable and sadly my little cousin dies from it at 1yr old (Diarrhoea dehydrates an infant within a day) in the early 50’s. My Uncles feet rotted off from Type 1 Diabetes. Insulin never came into the equation so he was treated with Tablets (like today’s Type 2 Diabetes) Insulin PENS  for self medication was UNHEARD of . My Father spent hours outside screaming from Angina attacks and clotted or stuffed Arteries from all the fat Bacon that was consumed AND a Pitchfork driven through the calf of his leg a while previously (subsequent clots).. His only treatment was a little white Digitalis Pill so he too died at 58 just one week after the brother with the Gangrene. A doctor was only called for if the Midwife delivering a Babby encountered Complications and the Ambulance could take 4-5 hours to reach the old homestead which was often only accessible via a mucky lane. My own mother suffered a miscarriage but no-one told my Father to look in the blooded sheets for a Foetus – which he did AND found my little brother. Meanwhile, they were treating her for THREATENED Miscarriage (no Ultrasound back then either).

Now I know the M&B Homes did usually have better access lanes but the general understanding of Health Matters was barely past the Primate level back then. Some of the Sisters would have been trained Midwives or Nurses but that didn’t exceed the level of what I have just illustrated. Hense, a Diarrhoea ,Measles, Mumps or Pertussis (maybe even TB) outbreak would have been disastrous. THE REAL FAILURE IS THE BOOKKEEPING. Who died when and was buried where? I understand there ARE death certificates, so that infers a measure of State involvement but since the Health Boards have been boarded up and centralized, I doubt we’ll get a lot of satisfaction. Also WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN INFORMED? We KNOW that long before young girls were taken into these homes, the FATHER, the MAN OF THE HOUSE usually had kicked the life half out of his errant daughter, so surely he wouldn’t have been too interested in the sad news of the Grandchild’s demise. His poor wife, who often was merely a legal unpaid slave, certainly would NEVER have got a letter on the sly. The Nuns and Priests knew that the fist ruled these families.

P S ONE DAY LATER March 6th 2017:-  

Her is a list of Death Certs of the 796 Children. http://www.irishcentral.com/news/death-records-for-796-children-at-tuam-home-published-in-full

Reading the Death Certificate Diagnosis here just about substantiates what I said in my first deliberations. There was nothing “cruel” or “brutal” going on – just the fact that there was too little known about Hydration, IV Nourishment while unable to keep food down or about cross infection/contamination. The Other Diagnosis e.g “Congenital Debility” is very vague and suggest a weak and frail disposition maybe due to the health status of the parents. “Idiot” as a Diagnosis points to the result of incest – as IT was rampant in big families where boys and girls were thrown together 24/7 or nice Uncle came to visit a not so big family. I, as a carer, can just imagine the despair of these women, who in all probability   did their level best to look after a house full of screaming babies and children -with terrible itching skin lesions and no IV Hydration.It remains to be established what kind of burial grounds this site was. Please keep in mind that it was imperative to bury TB infectious bodies as quickly as possible..


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Another suicide caused by TRIM EVICTION COURT this evening



THIS my dear International friends is IRELAND. This is the Country our Leaders will have you believe is in recovery. This is the Country where in my area alone I see at least 10 new(ish) homes standing empty – while every day another family is declared homeless. Two of these houses have been standing empty for over 8 years now (Bank property ?) The home I rented and which I had to leave because it would only sell without a Tenant is still empty, albeit with a “SALE AGREED” sign on it – this is 11 Months on. This is the Country where at the local College, we are coming to grips with the second suicide in as many years. This is the Country in which the Leader of 3.5 000,000 earns more money than the German Chancellor with a Population over 80,000,000. This is the Country which advocates tolerance for Mother’s in distress killing their babies instead of calling for AND creating facilities for them as a REAL alternative. This Country calls abortion a Human Right. This is the country where Gárdai “investigate” their own for blackening the name of a Whistleblower and where Senators and Leaders lie blatantly about keeping each other informed, This is the Country where almost 1,000,000 Citizens have emigrated (had to) This is the Country where one person is a majority shareholder in all TV and print media so that news is not simply imparted, it is analysed by so-called experts, who first of all make the new item so very well reported on – but who again and again have been proven wrong. This is the Country of which the Leader smirks at other Leaders but cannot wait to bring them a bowel of Shamrock (as if he frickin knew what the Shamrock symbolizes) Please feel free to add to this rant.



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5 Things You Need To Know About Maurice McCabe and Police Corruption In Ireland.

This is what is wrong in a small Island Country where everyone knows everyone else and everyone owes someone some kind of a favour. That TUSLA and An Garda Síochána work hand in hand became frighteningly evident to me after I was witness to their activities in the case of a one day old Baby ripped from the Mother’s breast by a fleet of police cars AND the subsequent intimidation and Character Assassination of the parents reputation in their small home Town AFTR the baby had been returned by High Court order.

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Denial of the Bulge


Anyway, I’m sure many of you have seen the latest Aldi AND Lidl Catalogues. Why is no-one objecting to the marketing of “Lingerie” for the slim and perfect woman. Aldi has a couple of pages of “Models” not one of which is overweight like myself or grossly obese like the majority of Irish women shopping at these stores. Not a stretch mark in sight, no saggy boobs bulging out of lovely bras or fat over the scanty lacy panties (no hair either) No fat hanging over of the too tight leggings either- that they are also advertising and everyone seems to be wearing anyway when not in “Lingerie”. The majority of our women are well built and nowhere near like these photo- shopped Models. What message are we getting – How do our Feminists think this is compatible with everything they have campaigned for? Man looks and longs and Woman looks and shudders – knowing that her man will be bringing home some of these garments (non garments) to liven up his Valentine’s Day (or will it be his little side- kick getting it) On the other pages we have lots of fattening foods, Choccies, Ice cream etc. AND fizzy sugar laden beverages which are in no way compatible with the slim – line beauties on some of the pages. Oh yes and what does the Refugee woman wear underneath her Hijab? NOTHING FOR THE OLDER WOMAN EITHER . There are still some Gentlemen who wouldn’t say NO to getting into MY Knickers so why not some lacy “Lingerie” for me too. What an insult to all of us oldies. We are actually the generation with the most spending money and I’ll be damned if I’ll be discriminated against and excluded from an erotic Valentines Day (or night to be more precise) I’ve now just Googled “Lingerie for older women” and all that comes up is stuff for the “mature woman over 40” I did find a picture of Helen Mirren in swimwear though (you can see the effort she goes to  keep tummy tucked in despite personal trainer) I’ll just have to brave it myself one of these days.    

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Submission to The People’s Assembly of Ireland Dec.14th 2016


I truly believe that abortion is not only an act of violence toward the unborn child but also toward an expectant Mother and to legalize abortion as a Lifestyle Choice is to legalize Genocide so to speak.. Looking back at over 50 years working, with almost 40 of those in the Nursing Profession and the last 10 years as a Counselling Psychologist/Pastoral Counsellor, I have a wealth of information covering most of life’s conflicts and crisis. As a Human Rights activist I am losing sight, of what it means to be human in a society which labels it’s most vulnerable “Incompatible with life”. This expression was last popularized under the euthanasia of “useless eaters” in Nazi Germany (where I lived and worked) I am also searching (in vain) for a discussion which includes Fathers as, undeniably, Fathers are present at conception and need to be included – with a Father’s perspective toward his unborn baby.

Science has advanced to the stage where we can now pinpoint the exact moment of conception and follow all stages of the developing Human Being. Unfortunately not all Physicians are in a position to correctly interpret embryonic findings, so that grave mistakes have been made and will be made – to the detriment of whole families. A personal friend was told her twins were dead and must be aborted. My friend waited and her children LIVED healthily. The same occurred in her second pregnancy.In my counselling practice, women who are bruised and broken because of bad choices they once deemed a small “procedure” come for help and guidance. Abortion is irreversible and comes with many physical and mental health risks for the mother.

We must concentrate on providing facilities for women who, for some reason, believe they are unable to carry their Baby to full term and give birth. We must reopen the conversation with Fathers who seem to be discriminated against n this so- called discussion. We must provide state of the art pre, peri – and postnatal facilities – similar to our endeavours in other areas of inclusiveness and we must re-examine our understanding of Human Rights to include the unborn – given that modern science now allow us to follow human existence from conception onward.

YOU (pl) are tasked with discussing this profound topic. I appeal to you to leave all “my body, my rights” outside the building and discuss in favour of life AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN LIFE YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR

Thank you for your attention.


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